Our primary focus is on quality build, timely delivery with quality material, design inspired by your preference and a six star energy ratings.

Venus Homes is a custom home builder with an unwavering commitment to quality build, competitive prices and excellent customer service. We take great pride to use the best and qualified craftsmen to build your home along with inspiring designs to suit every lifestyle.  Venus Homes pays attention to details to ensure that your  dream home becomes a reality.  We understand that home is where things takes place which matters the most in life.

Venus Homes invites you to experience the difference of true commitment to customer satisfaction. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience during all the stages from preliminary meeting to complete finish and beyond to maximize our customer experience.

Venus Standard

  • 2700MM Ceiling Height

  • Bricks Infill to all Windows & Doors (Ground Floor)

  • Fly Screen to all Openable Windows

  • Kitchen with over head cupboards


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Venus Luxury

  • 2700 MM Ceiling Height

  • Bricks infill to all Windows & Doors (Ground Floor)

  • Fly Screen to all openable windows

  • Kitchen with over head cupboards

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